Are Your Camper Vans Pet Friendly ?



How Many People Do They Sleep ?

They Sleep Up To 5/6 People


Do They Have Toilets?

Yes, Campers 4,5,6,9,13,14 and 15 Have Toilets


How Much Is The Security Deposit ? 

Deposit Is Currently €1000 on vehicles


How Can I Pay the Security Deposit ? 

We currently accept security deposits through Revolut, PayPal, cash or credit/debit accept card payments.


What Is The Minimum Days I Can Hire A Camper ?

Minimum Days Hire Is 3 Days


Do We Supply Bedding ?



What Seat Belts Are In The Back ?

There Are Lap Belts In The Back


Do They Support Child Car Seats ?



Do I Need To Bring My Driving License ?



Can I Drive On A Standard Car License ?



Is Insurance Included In The Rental Price ?

Yes, We Include ( Standard Liability Insurance ) In The Rental Price 


Do We Supply Bike Racks ?



Is There A T.V On Board ?

Yes, All Vans Are Fitted With A Modern Smart T.V


What Time Is Collection And Drop Off ?

Collection is between Monday – Friday 2pm to 4pm and Drop Off Is At 12pm 


Is Weekend Checkout Available?

Weekend checkout is available upon request.


Can We Store Our Vehicle While Out On Hire ?

Yes, We Charge €10 Per Day For The Use Of This Service


Can We Drive In Europe ?



How Much Is It To Hire A Campervan ?

Prices Range From €160 to €280 per day, Depending On Which Vehicle You Choose

Keep Calm And Enjoy the Vacation

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