Rewind Festival Campervan Hire Dublin

Campervan Hire Rewind Festival Dublin June 2nd 2024

Step back in time at the Rewind Festival in Dublin on the 2nd of June, where classic hits and nostalgia reign supreme. Set in the heart of Dublin, this one-day extravaganza features legendary artists like Squeeze, Gabrielle, and Heather Small, promising an unforgettable journey through music history.

What better way to experience this trip down memory lane than by hiring a retro campervan from Retro Camper Hire?

Rewind Festival

Why Choose a Retro Campervan for Rewind Festival?


  • Unmatched Comfort: Our campervans offer a cosy retreat from the festival’s excitement, complete with comfortable beds, a kitchenette, and essential amenities. It’s convenience and comfort rolled into one stylish package.
  • A Unique Festival Vibe: Embrace the retro spirit of Rewind Festival with a campervan that matches the theme. It’s not just about attending; it’s about being part of the festival’s fabric, creating a unique and memorable experience.
  • Freedom to Explore: Located in Dublin, you’re perfectly positioned to discover the city’s cultural landmarks, vibrant nightlife, and culinary delights before and after the festival. Our campervans give you the freedom to explore at your own pace.
  • Eco-Friendly Adventure: We’re committed to providing an eco-conscious travel option. Our campervans are maintained to ensure minimal environmental impact, aligning with the values of the eco-aware festival-goer.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Share the adventure and the cost. Our campervans are designed to accommodate friends, making it a budget-friendly choice compared to traditional accommodation options.


Embrace the Rewind Festival with Retro Camper Hire

Rewind Festival Dublin is not just a celebration of music; it’s a nostalgia-fueled journey that deserves to be experienced in a way that complements its essence. Hiring a retro campervan offers a blend of comfort, style, and freedom, ensuring your festival experience is as unforgettable as the music.

Don’t wait to book your retro campervan for Rewind Festival Dublin. Visit Retro Camper Hire today to secure your vehicle and get ready for a festival experience that hits all the right notes. Let’s make your festival journey a trip to remember, filled with music, adventure, and the unique charm of a retro campervan.


Book a Campervan for the Rewind Festival in Dublin Today

Choose Retro Camper Hire for your Rewind Festival Dublin experience. For more information and to book your campervan, or contact us directly. Let the music play and the good times roll with Retro Camper Hire. See you at the Rewind Festival!