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A Haunting Road Trip to the Tricky Trail at Emerald Park

Campervan Hire Mid Term Break Ireland

October is the month where ghosts and goblins come to life, where the air gets cooler, and when the spookiest of adventures await at Emerald Park’s famous Tricky Trail. As you prepare to dive into this family-friendly haunted treasure hunt, why not amplify the experience with Retro Camper Hire?

Turn the Adventure into a Road Trip with Retro Camper Hire

Transform your Tricky Trail experience into an unforgettable road trip with one of our vintage camper vans. Our campers combine the nostalgic charm of retro designs with the comforts of modern amenities, ensuring your journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

Why Hire a Retro Camper for the Tricky Trail Event?

Extend the Fun: Instead of a single day of spooky excitement, why not make it a weekend or a short holiday? Camp nearby and enjoy Emerald Park and its surroundings for a few days.

Family Bonding: There’s no better way to bond with family than on a road trip. Share stories, sing along to classic hits, and gear up for the spook-tacular Tricky Trail.

Spacious & Comfortable: Our camper vans are equipped with comfortable sleeping areas and all the necessary amenities, making it the perfect mobile base for your Halloween adventures.

Economical: Save on accommodation costs, and have the flexibility to cook your meals in the van, making your trip both affordable and convenient.

Unravel the Mysteries of the Tricky Trail

From the eerie whispers of the Ghoulish Graveyard to the mad antics in Professor Oswald’s Lab, and the chilling ambience of the Vampire’s Castle, the Tricky Trail promises delightful frights at every turn.

And when the day’s adventures tire you out, know that your cosy camper is waiting. Share ghost stories over a campfire, snuggle into your comfortable camper beds, and let the distant sounds of the forest lull you to sleep.

Book Early and Plan Your Trip

Emerald Park’s Tricky Trail is a popular attraction, and so are our retro camper vans! Ensure you don’t miss out by booking your camper well in advance. Need tips on the best camping spots near Emerald Park? Our team is always here to guide you.

Dive into the Halloween spirit with the perfect blend of thrill, adventure, and nostalgia. Reserve your retro camper today and prepare for a hauntingly delightful road trip to the Tricky Trail!

For enquiries and reservations, contact Retro Camper Hire. Wishing you a spook-tastic journey ahead! 🎃🚐👻